Saturday, October 6, 2018

What Are the Possibilities Of Becoming Rich - By Making Money Online?

There are many ways or possibilities a person can become wealth. Some methods are harder and not practical than others.

So what are the possibilities that you could be wealthy?

  1. Win Lottery.
  2. Become and investor
  3. Inheritance money.
  4. Sell your inventions.
  5. Sell your arts.
  6. Become a celebrity.
  7. Find a high pay Career.
  8. Get insurance money
  9. Find a business opportunity
Those are some ways you can create money legally, but some are not a guarantee, for example, winning lotto. or inheritance, etc. the reason is because it is hard to make it to the top.

The most logical one is to find a low investment business opportunity, which is risk free. something that I am going to talk about.

The principle is simple, if you know say 100 people and have a service or know the service for what they are interested, something that has a high demand, you are right in the business.

The more people you can find(customers) the more money you can make. if you sell an item and get a commission for $50 each you can easily make $5000. if you know 1000 people. that is $50,000.

If you want to make One million dollars, the principle is the same:

  • Find people,
  • Find what they are interested on
  • Connect them together.
  • Build a business

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