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Wait... Read This Before You Join Infinity Traffic Boost!

You came online to earn a part-time or full-time income, right, and I would be willing to bet that you also, hoped, in the back of your mind, that you could have FUN while earning, too.

C'mon, be serious, I'm sure you thought about that a bit, right? At least you didn't plan on your online business being daily drudgery that was almost as bad as a J.O.B. and, worse yet, didn't pay you a regular salary.

I was in the same boat, felt the same emotions, fears, and frustrations until I found an advertising and income HOME.

Yep, a trusted community where I could EARN (for referrals and performing simple tasks) that also gave me built-in advertising for my main program.

It was manna from heaven, let me tell you!

And what I found, that was truly fascinating, was that every time I uncovered a new and rewarding feature, I realized it was designed to create more money and better advertising results for members.

I was truly blown away, I think you'll agree, too, as we dive into some details about this new service.

First and foremost, it is providing me a way that I can EARN EVERY DAY by performing simple tasks. Yes, I have a primary business to build but I also need to earn consistent money while building my main business and I'm sure you are in the same boat and so is your team.

But, what's great, is that I can earn Free Advertising AND Cold Hard Cash Every Day by performing simple tasks just a few minutes a day.

I'm sure that you have heard of Traffic Exchanges which are a VERY Popular way for experienced marketers and "newbies" alike to gain exposure for their program at a very low (or even free) cost.

Well, I can tell you that I have found a First of It's Kind Traffic Exchange, just recently launched by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark that is truly a Revolutionary LEAP Forward in Advertising and Income.

Infinity Traffic Boost ("ITB") allows you to earn traffic credits AND revenue share cash DAILY merely by spending a few minutes surfing other websites.

What's so cool, too, is that ITB is the world's first Truly Legal and Sustainable Revenue Share Traffic Exchange that allows you to purchase points from as low as $2.50 to as high as $2,446.63. Yep! There is something for everyone and EVERYONE can benefit from both the little and the big purchases.

I want to talk to you about the sustainable revenue share in a minute, but I first want to explain what blew me away with the compensation plan - an idea that has been a long time in coming in this industry - pay every member for every sale they make regardless of their membership level!

Think about it, if members on a low budget can earn big commissions, they will probably put a bit more effort into marketing, right?

And, if the Big Players, well-financed marketers, can earn even BIGGER Commissions, they'll be quite happy to market, too, right (I mean, c'mon, a $1,702.00 commission - with potential leverage - HAS to be appealing, right?)

That's what I found at Infinity Traffic Boost - ALL Members earn a MINIMUM of 30% commission on all sales they generate or get passed to them (ooooh, ANOTHER Hidden benefit!) and as much as 80%. That's real money!

And why is this important to you, why should you care about OTHER People making money?

Well, it's very simple, it's because the more people who are promoting ITB the more "eyeballs" will be seeing YOUR ads and providing YOU with more value and more exposure for your main program.

But, wait, it gets better, too (See, I told you that as I "peeled the onion" here at ITB the better and better it got!).

Every time there is an advertising purchase made in Infinity Traffic Boost 10% of the purchase price is allocated to the Surfers Rewards Pool. These Surfers Rewards are released to the qualifying participants in a consistent fashion creating reliable and income potential for participants.  PLUS, that 10% is enhanced by even MORE admin contributions when a sale is made by a member who earns 30% instead of the max 80%.

So, you can see, that by merely surfing a few sites a day ITB members can earn consistent cash that could grow to be very sustainable and reliable and is further enhanced by purchasing additional advertising.

As members purchase larger and larger advertising packages they get more advertising credits to advertise their main program and they are able to EARN more from Referrals and SURF More to earn more in the Surfers Rewards Pool!  (See what I told you... Everything they do at ITB is designed to generate more money and more (better) traffic for members!)

Should we dig a bit deeper into the compensation plan, peel that onion just a bit more?


Two things that I want to wrap up with here (1) Leverage and (2) Residual Income.

First, the leverage... ITB has created an INCREDIBLE compensation plan that rewards you for your referral efforts so you want to tell your friends about ITB right away. You'll earn 30% - 80% of their purchase of any package level equal to or one price point higher than what you have purchased as long as you have met the minimal surfing requirements.

But, here's where the Leverage kicks in (stay with me, it gets good here!)... The second sale you make at each of the purchase price points is paid UP to your sponsor or qualifying sponsor.  Watch -- That means that YOU'LL be receiving the second sale from each of your direct referrals to infinity width and in some cases that can go to infinity depth!

NOTE: Another FASCINATING feature with ITB is that, while there are 11 price points, you do NOT have to purchase each package in ascending order. Nope... rather, when you purchase advertising credits at a particular price point you'll be able to earn boosted (80%) commissions one level HIGHER (as noted above) plus ALL the lower levels. Plus you earn 30% commissions on all remaining packages.

Wow, that is a HUGE incentive to purchase up a few levels, don't you think? Having the ability to earn boosted commissions on multiple levels by purchasing only on one? Wow! (Of course, always stay within your budget, but invest in and believe in yourself. ITB is here to help you earn, build and succeed!)

Now, the final piece to this fantastic puzzle (or should we say this dwindling onion as we peel it? LOL) and that final piece is RESIDUAL Income!

Check this out... When you purchase an advertising credits package in Infinity Traffic Boost you are immediately "Purchase Boost Activated" for 30 days to 2 years. This means you are now positioned to earn up to 80% commissions on that level, one level above and all purchase levels below for 30 days to 2 years. To continue to earn at that purchase level after 30 days to 2 years, you'll need to purchase another advertising credits package.

What ITB has created is an incredible opportunity to earn RECURRING Income without the fear and hassle of setting up a subscription payment. If you are earning from your efforts (surfing OR referrals) you'll surely want to keep referral and, here's the good part, so will YOUR Referrals and "Up" sales!

How cool is that?

So, I hope you can now see why I am so very excited about Infinity Traffic Boost.  I know that ITB has already made me a nice consistent income and provided me with excellent exposure for my main program.

The Community at Infinity Traffic Boost is intelligent, active and engaged which is exactly the type of audience you want to view your ads, right?

I would encourage you to check out ITB now, join free and have a look around. Yes, as noted above you CAN earn as a free member and you CAN earn without referrals.

But WOW, Can you earn and benefit a LOT more as a paid member - Check it out today and feel free to post here any questions or comments that you may have!

Oh, and if you are wondering, you can purchase into ITB with Payeer, Earnings, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoin, Commissions on sales with Earnings, in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoin are paid INSTANTLY Via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin, and Surfing Rewards are paid out on demand, also via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

How cool is THAT?

You can get all detailed information about the program from the Infinity Traffic Boost site at So if you want to get more traffic and see your earnings grow, try Infinity Traffic Boost. You have nothing to lose with it.

Monday, November 12, 2018

First Week On Fiverr ($500 Earned)

Fiverr is a freelancing platform designed in Israel to provide users with the ability to purchase "gigs" for as little as $5.
Launched in 2010, the service has grown exponentially thanks in part to its availability to digital marketers - everyone from SEO's to Amazon FBA power sellers outsourcing menial tasks to the experts offering their services through the platform.
By 2015, stories began to emerge of service providers making substantive revenue/profit from the system, with one - SPXMAC - reporting $40,000+ revenue per month (a remarkable achievement).
With this in mind, people with genuine skills, experience and expertise to offer have been drawn to providing their services through the system, me included.
To this end, I felt it appropriate to share some of the progress I made with the platform. It's not a huge amount but might give some people insight into what works and what doesn't.
Fiverr's Online System (How It Works)
The most important thing to appreciate with Fiverr is that the provider has to create the offer for the client.
Whilst there are many other "freelancing" websites, they rely on the client putting up jobs/gigs and having providers facilitate by posting proposals. The client will then sift through the proposals and make a choice.
Due to the opposite nature of the Fiverr system, it's opened a new way in which the "freelancing" system works.
Rather than pitching for work, the service provider is essentially able to provide a number of "products" / "services" through which they're able to give buyers a more structured, systematic set of work.
For example, if you're a logo provider - you'll be selling your "logo design" service for $150 - to which buyers are able to come, ask questions and purchase.
The point is that this new model is different, and in many cases better, than the previous. It puts the entire focus onto the product/service being offered, and encourages the provider to systematize the delivery process as much as possible - allowing for even higher quality, cheaper prices and more effective service provision.
If you're looking to create effective (profitable) products/services to list on the site, the key is understanding what buyers are actually looking for, and being able to facilitate that in the most streamlined way. This is where I began with my service offering.
Products / Services To Sell
Obviously, every marketplace / platform has its winners & losers.
The most important thing I have found on the platform is that there are really "two" ways to go about listing products/services:
  1. List products / services based on your experience - if you're a graphic designer, create the likes of eBook covers, logo designs or website templates for menial fees
  2. List products / services based on market demand - as mentioned, many "digital marketers" use Fiverr as a source of inexpensive, but high quality, services for their growing online businesses
The first is likely going to take longer to bear much fruit; the latter will be much faster, but allow for less creativity in the offering.
I tend to try and blend the two - identify what's popular and put my own slant on it.
Some of the most popular listings I've found are "Amazon Product Listing Descriptions" writing services. The most successful of these is "SPXMAC" who make upwards of $30k/$40k per month.
There are presently 3 providers of this service, typically receiving between 15 to 30 orders per day for their gigs. SPXMAC is definitely the leader.
My Experience
To explain, I didn't do this under my own name; I helped a friend get set up and we shared the profits.
To do this, I started by listing a number of general services on the Fiverr system based on my friend's experience in the real world (he was involved with finance).
We began with article writing - imagining that a number of high end "finance" blogs (who relied on quality, accurate and up-to-minute content) would be willing to hire an expert who had been involved with a large number of transactions, trades with a private consortium in London and is very well versed in technology as well.
I wrote out a profile listing which explained his work in the industry, his experiences and (importantly) why he was listing his services on Fiverr.
For the last part, I explained that he was looking to expand his personal brand, and felt that writing articles for money would be the most appropriate way to do it. Rather than sending in guest posts, it would give instant precedent to whoever was making the purchase.
This seemed to go down relatively well (with a number of blog operators buying his articles and using his name/face as an "author" on their sites).
In terms of the products we offered, the first thing we tried was a "Forex" article writing service. This wasn't overly popular, as it's a very crowded market and typically works in cycles (IE when the USD/GBP currency pair drops etc).
The thing that did extremely well was "crypto" articles - which we wrote for $25 for 10. This was very low, but allowed us to gain some progress in terms of the reviews / feedback on the system.
Most people who bought the packages would just let us determine which articles to write (we wrote mostly about the current trends in the market, the importance of blockchain, etc) - and began focusing on scaling up as much as possible.
The "crypto" articles were a good run (we made $500 each in the first week) but it was unsustainable at such a low price. We both got burned out, and as such we decided to increase the pricing somewhat - which significantly curtailed the amount of interest/throughput.
Nonetheless, the feedback earned and the quality of buyers improved significantly although the frequency of purchases did diminish.
The biggest thing I've found with my time online has been to use your own face.
I've done a number of things in the past under pseudonyms. Some of these were legit (running the second largest Webkinz site), but the majority were simply because I didn't want people to find out what I was doing.
Whilst this was a legitimate reason to cover up my identity, the simple truth is that it prevented me growing very quickly at all. To this end, one of the key things I started to do for my friend was emphasize the importance of owning your name - ensuring that you put forward your unique experiences, ideas and expertise as the core essence of why someone should consider you.
If you do decide to get involved with Fiverr, I would suggest that it's one of the few ways you can actually "own" your name online by providing actual content. Think of it as an extension to the likes of LinkedIn or Twitter - a "social" touch point through which the "online" community is able to engage with you.

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How Outfy Can Increase Your eBay Sales

Are you a seller on eBay? If you are, one of the things you want out of it is to make a profit. You've done everything to make your products look well in their photos. You have also built up a reliable and dependable profile. Yet, the sales aren't where you want them. That's where outside sources come in to help you.
Have you heard of or tried Outfy? It's a website that can help you increase sales from your eBay seller profile. It has a variety of services and tools to help you achieve your profit goals. One of the best ways to increase your eBay sales is to invest in social media promotion, which is exactly what this ingenious tool can help you with.
Why Choose Outfy
Outfy offers its users a quick and easy solution to share their products on different social media platforms.
It groups all your social media in one place and keeps track of which them perform better than others. It's like having a dashboard where you can organize and manage all your social media. You can "collect" your products from your eBay seller profile and share it on your social media platforms within seconds.
Outfy supports the following social media platforms:
You won't have to keep track of different social media accounts again with Outfy's simple solution.
How Outfy Can Increase Your eBay Sales
Outfy offers a variety of tools and services to help increase your sales and traffic to your eBay store. In this section, I'll outline the different tools you can use.
Set Posts to "Autopilot"
When you set your store to "autopilot" it saves you a lot of time from posting yourself. You can set and change your daily or weekly posting schedule. To make your posts sound more authentic don't use the robotic generated themes and hashtags.
Impactful SALE Promotions
You can make your product photos look more professional with this tool. It lets you create the image you want without the need for graphic design knowledge.
Connect All Stores
If you sell products on sites other than eBay you can connect them all through Outfy. Just like Gmail accounts, you can switch between them easily without signing in and out.
Auto Sync
Outfy syncs up with your eBay store so any changes you make on your selling page is automatically done with Outfy. It saves you a lot of time making sure each place has the same text and there aren't any discrepancies.
Budget Friendly
You pay for what you use instead of a monthly bill or auto charge to your credit or debit card. Basically, you pay per post which is about 2.5 cents at the lowest. Or, you can buy a bundle of posts that never expire. This makes it easy for you to control your budget and grow your eBay seller account.
Outfy on the Go
To help you manage your eBay store even after you leave the house, Outfy has a mobile app that works for both Apple and Android products. It has all the same features to help keep your business on top.
I hope this post has convinced you to give Outfy a try! I'm sure, like other users, you'll like it and see your eBay sales grow!

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8 Steps To Starting That New Career

Fed Up, Bored, Or Stuck In A Rut?
Are you fed up, tired, or bored with your current job or career? Do you hate having to get up each morning to go to a job or career that you really don't like? You know there must be something better out there but can't seem to take the action necessary to make any changes. Instead, it's easy to keep the same old boring routine and just get used to it, as the months and years roll on by.
Did you know that we only have so much time in our working careers and shouldn't waste them being miserable each day with our job or career? Isn't life far too short to be unfulfilled year after year?
Hopefully, you're not stuck in a rut and can't get out of it. If so, there is definitely hope for you as you learn and follow a few steps. For any changes to take place it's essential to take action every day in every way that you can. One thing that holds many back is that they don't want to be out of their comfort zones but probably need to be if there's a career change taking place.
Here are 8 steps for you about starting that new career or job and breaking out of that rut:
1. Attitude is very important. Mental preparation to change is needed to be committed to starting that new and best situation for you. See yourself as a valuable asset to anybody or company and worthy of consideration for whatever you're seeking after.
Also, understand that changing careers will take some time. There is probably a learning curve that can take a few weeks or 6 months, or longer. Mentally preparing and starting out with a goal in focus, a plan, and a take action attitude are critical for success.
Feel confident and good about yourself and do things like helping others, perhaps volunteering, that make you feel good. Upgrading your "style" in dress, vehicle, or another way can make someone feel good about themselves. Now that you're looking and feeling good you're ready for:
2. Re-evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. There are also many free Career Aptitude Tests online that anyone can take to help them decide on their best career choice. Take your time here and sleep on it. Then you're ready for the next step:
3. Education - If you're drastically changing careers then there would be a need to learn new things, take a class, get certified, or licensed. This will take some time but be well worth it. This training will look great on your resume as you move into your new career job. If you're using a resume, remake and update it or better yet have it professionally written up for you.
The resume is a tool to represent the person and open up doors of opportunity for them. Make sure that it draws a nice picture of your work history and qualifications. Most people will stretch the truth, or exaggerate a bit so that their resume will make them look as favorably and qualified as possible. A word of caution, don't lie as it's wrong and you certainly wouldn't want to be caught in a lie.
4. Start Networking online on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. Update your profiles to reflect your purpose and attract what it is that you're looking for. Ask family and friends that you know and respect their suggestions or advice, however always consider the advice and make your own decisions after sleeping on them.
5. Personal Grooming - Next step is to get yourself ready for action, consider how you look and dress, are there some positive changes that can be made to help the cause, like a haircut, hairdo, shave, grow a beard, etc. How about clothing, can your wardrobe be updated to improve your image? Throw out or give away some old clothing and replace with some new shoes, pants, dresses or shirts and whatever else will give a polished and professional look.
6. Confidence, persistence, and patience need to be exercised daily as you enter and find your way into the new career choice. Always have a positive vibration and an attitude of expecting something good to occur, which puts the law of attraction into action. Remember that you are a valuable commodity and a great benefit to everyone that does business with or hires you. Act as if and walk the walk of the new and improved you with a new purpose in mind, forgetting any past failures and reach forward to the things which are ahead as you build a new career and attract success through your persistence, patience, and daily efforts.
7. Always have a list of things to do and keep an eye on that list, crossing off things as they are accomplished. This is very important and will get you into the habit of completing tasks and moving forward toward whatever goal(s) that you've set up for yourself.
8. Always have a goal written down and in mind, and be constantly and methodically moving toward it. Take a look at exactly where you are and exactly what the goal is and continually move toward that goal persistently and don't stop until your goals are met.
It's normal to alter the plan a little as you go but keep focused on the desired end result and the day's tasks to meet that goal. You can meet every goal one by one and build up a very successful career for yourself.
Multiple Sources Of Income
Most, if not all, internet business entrepreneurs have multiple websites attracting multiple sources of income. My name is Pete. If you would like to learn about making money in your own online business, making your own websites, increasing site traffic, writing content-rich articles, it would be a great idea to take advantage of an absolutely FREE opportunity 10 FREE Certification Course Lessons and get 2 FREE WordPress websites to create, step by step, your own sites. There is No Card Required - Nothing To Lose. Sign up at the bottom of every page -

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How to get more Followers on Instagram

Basically your home page of Instagram where some important information is stored.
Followership: This shows you the number of profiles you follow
(following) and the number of profiles that follow you (followers). When people refer to your ratio, they are referring to the ratio of how many followers you have compared to how many people you are following.
Link: In your profile you can also put 1 outbound link which takes the user to that link and outside of Instagram. This is good for driving people to event pages, websites etc. It should be changed frequently as you get only 1 custom outbound link.
Business Account: It’s a good idea to make a business account if you are running a business. It must be linked to a Facebook business page to do this. Business accounts give you a “call, email, directions” calls to action as well which are tracked through Instagram Insights (basically the graph icon gives you analytics regarding traffic, impressions, follower locations and times etc.) 

Define Engagement Rate: Engagement is a number that indicates how many times your content has been engaged with. Likes, shares and comments are considered an engagement. Engagement rate is the amount of engagement you have compared to how many followers you have. A higher engagement rate indicates a more engaging and targeted audience.
Edge Rank?: When content is posted, Instagram decides automatically which percentage and which followers are most likely to engage with your content. If you have a limited amount of engagements within a certain amount of time after launching your post, Instagram will start to de-prioritize your post, and show it to less of your followers. They basically rank the importance of your post based on the amount of likes and comments it gets in a specified amount of time 

Direct Messaging: It is possible on Instagram to direct message people, businesses and profiles, so long as they have not altered their default settings which allow messaging and read receipts.
Direct messaging is effective for reaching potential new clients, influencers and hard to reach people. As a form of communication, it is highly undersaturated compared to how often Instagram is used. That’s why it works so well. Unlike email and Facebook messenger, it is underutilized.

The time you decide to post an image or video will affect how “well” your post will do in terms of engagement. It is important to post when your followers are using the app, but there is less posting going on (less competition). Some of the most successful times we’ve had are late evening on weekdays but it does vary based on the demographics of your target market.

Instagram is a unique and fun platform because it’s very easy to explore on the app, finding news businesses and people that are of interest to you. To find targeted content, it is easy to search posts that were given a specific hashtag. Basically a spaceless word preceded by a # (pound) sign. By engaging on public posts and commenting legitimately, you can gain new followers and learn more about what’s going on in your community.
Instagram has various in app photo editing tools such as cropping, tripping, clipping etc. One of the most famous features is there filter options. You can automatically apply present photo filters to photos to enhance their appearance. There are also custom saturation and contrast options too. Filters aren’t necessary but when they make the photo look better they should be used.

This is a social media platform where you interact with people. You should treat these interactions as if they are real life human interactions. Social media is a two way street. Comment meaningfully, remember to respond to legit comments and don’t use automation programs. You wouldn’t use them in face to face, why should you on social media? The importance is an engaging audience, not just numbers. When meeting people in person, it’s very unassuming and simple to follow them directly on Instagram. It’s an excellent form of the new way to “exchange business cards” or “contact info.”
There is a digital way to mention others on Instagram, and this is common courtesy and etiquette to do when someone, or a place of business has contributed to that piece of content. For example, if you take an instagram photo at a nice restaurant or one of their signature dishes, you should mention using their instagram handle (@____). This gives people the option to click their handle in your caption so it takes them to their profile and also notifies them you posted about them. This can result in freebies from the business or reposting which will get you more followers. You can also tag them or people in the photo so that it shows up on their profile under tagged photos since they are somewhere or have something to do with the photo. Don’t over tag people, or tag people/businesses who aren’t in or had nothing to do with the photo, it is spammy.
Hashtags are great way to promote your content to people exploring posts and profiles for free. Unlike other social media where it is difficult or expensive to get outside your network, with Instagram it’s relatively easy. It is more possible to meet and discover new people and profiles on Instagram and then become friends with them, versus the other way around (friends first, then exchange social media handles). You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, the format for example is as follows: #calgary #yyc #yycfitfam #yycdogs. That counts as 4 hashtags. It is important to use local and common hashtags. When typing a hashtag, Instagram will start auto populating the amount of posts associated with that hashtag so you can choose either broad or targeted hashtags, or a combination of both.
Since for some reason, people think hashtags “look ugly” it is important to hide them when you post. This can be done by filling in placeholder text in the form of “dots” or periods, as displayed below. After writing your caption just say in your head and type on your keyboard. “Enter, period, enter, period, enter, period, enter, write hashtags”
Example: Caption goes here where you talk about the post.
.#hashtagheaven #herewego #yes #amenforhiddenhashtags

You can also post, and then add the #hashtags you want by commenting on your post, but this “looks” spammy and the slight lag from posting to posting comments can create enough a delay that it reduces your edgerank.
If you want to build followership, a good technique is to follow people you think that would be interested in following you. One of the easiest ways to find these people, is to look at, and follow your competitors followers. It is also important, that if someone mentions you in a post, that you follow them, and for those that like your posts or comment on your post it is polite to follow back. It is okay to avoid following people you believe are spam accounts, robots, or using Instagress. This way you avoid following junky, useless accounts. For example, if someone from San Diego or Santiago likes my post, it may not do much good to follow them. They likely won't be a client. But if a young entrepreneur likes a  post and they are located in Calgary, that’s a great follow.
Note: You can follow roughly 7000 people on Instagram, make them count!
Since it is not currently being used extensively for business development (compared to LinkedIn or Facebook),

Instagram is a very useful tool to become the big fish in a small pond. Having access to people’s profile lets you understand who you reaching out to so you can tailor your introduction message accordingly. Most people don’t even get 1/10th of the direct messages per day on Instagram that they do in their email account, yet they spend plenty of time daily on the Instagram application.

Instagram stories are a unique feature that was added to compete with Snapchat. It allows users to post 10 second snippets, either video or photos, that we’re taken on their phone within the last 24 hours. The objective of stories is to show a “day in the life” or your profile. You can also use stories to display animated videos to your followers as a way to promote your brand. For users that have over 10,000 followers and are a business account, they are able to add links in their stories, so people can be directed away from the app to a specific call to action. For those that have less than 10,000 followers, viewers can only direct message you to respond to your story. Currently over 250 million Instagram users use stories daily.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

SEO vs. Social Trends –  Facebook’s biggest benefit is its most obvious. It operates through social networking and trending rather than pure SEO – the hottest trend of this brand new decade.  It allows readers to see your ads on their mobile phones – and mobile devices now outnumber personal computers, 4 to 1!
It is also cheaper than Google AdWords, and while the latter is still a wonderful way to kick-start a campaign, AdWords can be risky for newer marketers, as costs per click can skyrocket faster than your sales.
Will it replace AdWords completely?  That shouldn’t be your goal!  Plan further down the line to do what the big boys and girls do: Kick-start each campaign with well-optimized and researched AdWords.
Facebook vs. Adwords Costs – But whether you use Adwords (SEO based) or Facebook ads (social networking based), Facebook ads nowadays are a “must” – particularly with the not-so-subtle switch over to mobile devices! But it’s great for beginning marketers because at the moment, it’s significantly less expensive to advertise on Facebook than with PPC!
Graphics Capability – The biggest benefit is that you can introduce a graphic element or photo into what is basically just a small text ad! Since Facebook is “tuned” to graphic elements, and interest has been shown to peak when graphics are displayed, it wins hands-down over AdWords tired, irritating banner ads (traditionally low converters for over a decade).
(You could simplify it like this:  Want a text ad only? – Use AdWords. Plan to use a graphic? – Use Facebook Ads.)
Text Capability – You have 75 words to say what you want to say in Google AdWords (that’s less than half a tweet!)  Facebook ads not only allows you a 25-character headline, but 135 words of body text, too. (That’s over double Google AdWords’ capacity – but note; spaces count.)

Does SEO Still Apply?

You betcha!  In fact, it’s absolutely crucial to the success of your Facebook Ad campaign!  
Remember when we talked about Facebook Ads geared to your specific hobbies, tastes, preferences and interests appearing down the right-hand side of your Facebook page?  You’ll notice that: 
          Some really don’t appeal to you
          A small percentage make you click on them right away
… and yet a third group appeals to you, but it may take you days of repeated exposure, seeing the same ad many times, before you finally give up and click through.
You want your ad to be in the latter 2 categories. And you achieve that through solid, well-researched long-tailed keywords (combined with your irresistible, curiosity-arousing 25 character headline and 135 character body text). 
Get those elements right, and you’ll have an ad that bypasses casual searchers (how many right-hand-side Google search page paid ads do you ever click on, compared to Facebook Ads?) and zeros in on a 75% pre-sold, pre-qualified market.

Who You Should Advertise on Facebook?

Some people will tell you that Facebook Ads don’t work for business purposes, but that’s simply not so. It should speak volumes and give you a big, fat clue about its potential when you realize that major companies are taking full advantage of Facebook Ads, in creative ways.
For example, according to Facebook’s own Marketing Solutions page… 
Honda recently used Facebook Ads to keep consumers updated (and do serious damage control) after its recent spate of shocking recalls. 
Budweiser encouraged social interactivity with its customers when it invited them to select which commercials to show during televised sports games.  
Guitar Hero became the first online video game to reach 1,000,000 fans on Facebook
Even Coca-Cola jumped on the bandwagon, selling “virtual bottles of coke” and promising to donate $1.00 for every virtual bottle sent to their favorite cause.
These 4 examples alone show you the sort of creativity you can employ (and flexibility you can take advantage of) when creating your Facebook Advertising campaign!

What the Heck is a “Fansumer”?

If you’ve been wondering what a “fansumer” is, it’s yet another social phenomenon you can use to your advantage.
According to Forrester Research, a “fansumer” is simply a consumer who has “become a fan” of a brand on Facebook.
This brings us back to Facebook Ads’ third biggest advantage… interactivity.
It’s a proven maxim:  Get people to engage as a participant, rather than as a spectator, and their stake in what they’re engaging in becomes personal and more positive. Use an app or a product and click the little “become a fan” text link on your Facebook page, and you are not only contributing to its statistical popularity, but personally endorsing it!
This can help 2 particular types of “product” in particular…
Apps (applications such as Zynga’s “Farmville” game)


Allowing people to become Facebook fans should be a definite part of your branding campaign… and as for Farmville’s meteoric rise, it is legendary.  One only has to take a glimpse at its U.S. Alexa rank of 370 to see how powerful this can be.
Alexa summarizes this popular app game thus:  “… is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range18-24, received some college education and browse this site from home.”
This is right in line with Facebook’s “18-34 female” broad demographic – but the truth is, you can certainly reach other target customers in different
demographics, if you take a close look at Farmville’s stats from

Keeping in mind that a less broad and more specific demographic is likely to be yours (unless you create a truly buzz-worthy product like Farmville) you can certainly play to small niche Facebook markets.
A good rule of thumb is to make sure the niche customer you wish to reach actually does operate via social networking at least as much as – if not more than – through standard PC use and Google searches.
You can also target specific geographic areas, using Facebook Ads (by country, state or province, town or city).  
And remember, when someone brands him or herself as your fan (or “fansumer”), they are letting you know they are ripe for your offerings. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How to Generate Traffic with SEO

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization” which is basically the art of getting your website onto the first page of the search engines such as the big “G” (Google), Bing and Yahoo. 

The SEO technicalities change from time to time, but there are still many basic SEO techniques for getting your website favored by Search Engines which I am about to reveal.

The first of all is in-site optimization. Basically, it involves tweaking your website and blog posts in such a way that its easy for Google “Spiders” to crawl your website and index it so that people can find your website easily.

For example, you should always include keyword phrases into the titles of your blog posts as this will help you articles get found by people who search for these phrases in the search engines.

Also, it is helpful to include keyword phrases and keywords in the first sentence of the first paragraph and bold or italicize them. This is often favored as well.

However, exercise caution when using keywords as excessive keywords will come off as “spam” by Google spiders and your website will be punished, so only use it when necessary.

The key is to find a good balance between SEO optimization and user readability. You don’t want to sound like a robot in all your blog posts as this will turn people off.

Next is backlinking. The more links your website gets from outside authority websites, the higher your page will rank in Google. As a general rule of thumb, it is better to get more quality backlinks (e.g more reputable websites of similar niches) than many links from smaller websites – A move that is often frowned upon as may come off as “link farming”.

You can also link between blog posts within your website to boost SEO points but this does not contribute nearly as much as outsider links.

Recently, a new trend has emerged in SEO which is social interaction. Which means, people must actively interact on your website, whether if it’s through sharing, tweeting or commenting on your blog posts. This is favored by search engines and will greatly boost page ranking for those that make their websites interaction friendly.

Related site : Search Engine Marketing Blogs

How To Generate Traffic and Sales With Article Marketing

Article Marketing


Article marketing was one of the most widely used traffic generation methods in the past, and still is widely used today.
As mentioned earlier, it involves posting or submitting articles to article submission directories to draw traffic to your website.



Here are some commonly used article directories, which you can submit articles to:

-Ezine Articles (
-Article City (
-Article Alley (
-GoArticles (

Bear in mind, each of the directories has their own set of submission guidelines. So be sure to read and adhere to the guidelines of article writing if you don’t want your articles to be rejected.

Here’s how it works:

As a general rule of thumb, write an article ranging from 300-500 words (or more) which is unique, filled with keywords related to your topic.

Then, sign up for a free account at any of those article directories.

Make sure you create a solid author’s resource box which talks a little about yourself and has backlinks (one or two max) to your website.

Whenever you post an article and it is approved, your article will appear on the website directory along with your author’s resource box.

People searching for relevant articles will read your article, and from there if they wish to find out more information, they will visit your website.

For this matter, it is important that your article titles are highly optimized for keywords so that they can be found and also must be catchy enough to stand out from the crowd.

Example: 8 Goal Setting Mistakes You Should Avoid.

This is good because it contains keywords and also is eye-catching enough for readers to want to click on your article to read it.

Remember, content is key. You must have uniquely written content as plagiarized content are often penalized and frown upon. If your content is good, it will further entice the readers to find more information through the links to your website.

Here’s your job: 

Consistently post 3-5 articles per week to multi article directories and soon you’ll start seeing a steady flow of traffic come into your website.

Different Ways on How To Market on Facebook

While Facebook ads could be one of the most targeted and profitable ways to market on Facebook, you can also use Facebook in a lot of other ways to market your products and websites.
The starting point for your presence on Facebook is your profile page. Your profile page is basically a landing page that you design in order to convert your friends to engage with certain parts of your identity.
If you want to use this free marketing strategy, the secret is to expand your network as much as possible. The way to do this is to expand! Start a group and you create a central place for customers, partners, and friends to participate in conversations around your brand. Facebook groups come with boards for posting discussion topics, photos, videos, and links right out of the box. And the best part about Groups is you can create as many as you like for free.
While Groups do offer a reasonably robust feature set with no setup, you're not able to extend their functionality with Facebook applications. In order to use those, you will need to get a Facebook Page.
Pages were launched by Facebook in November 2007 as a way for businesses of many types to easily establish a brand presence on Facebook. Pages are more customizable than groups. You can add HTML, Flash, or even Facebook applications to your pages to extend their functionality. Pages are a good option for small or local businesses that want to establish a presence on Facebook. Like groups, they're another free and easy way to do viral marketing.
You can also join network marketing group, send out several comments, write notes, add friends, add events, join events, wall post on Groups, wall

post on Friends Walls, post videos in Groups, cross pollinate with other Group Owners, add many photos, make sure all your privacy settings are OFF.
Never forget that Facebook is a society so don't try to be a seller, try to solve others problems. Community is about communication, and that might be the best advertising you could hope for.
'Brands' are already networking and engaging with consumers via Facebook for leverage, a strengthening and generating a better understanding of the brand itself and customer relationships with it, and for participation and valuable feedback.
Don't underestimate the power of this free tool. You can connect with people around the world so easily.  

7 Tips to Get Viral Traffic from Facebook

By using Facebook effectively, you can easily start getting traffic virally if you know how to leverage this source of traffic.  Here are 7 Tips to Getting Traffic with Facebook Viral Marketing.

1. Get More Friends

Friends are the most important aspect in social networking as they are needed to make money! The more friends you have, the more visibility your business will have, which ultimately leads to more sales for you.

2. Get a Blog

Blogs are a great way to spread the word about your business. You can incorporate your blog into your Facebook account and add RSS feeds for your readers to follow up on. You can also comment on other blogs linking back to your site.

3. Use Your Picture Wherever You Can

Uploading your picture can get you a lot more views to your articles/comments than those without pictures. Spammers never take the time to upload a picture. Also, people like having a face with a name and it makes them trust you a lot more.

4. Have a Great Profile Page

If you are a big social networker, you will have a pimped out profile page. Link all of your social network profiles and personal projects to gain maximum exposure. Promote your RSS feed from your blog on you profile page. Make it attractive with enough information to where it doesn't look boring!

5. Use the Notes and Events Features

Sending notes and events are great ways at gaining more exposure in your business. If your friends like it they may even pass them on to their friends. It's a win-win for everyone!

6. Create Good Content

Content is king. If you are a good writer in a popular niche then you will have no problem succeeding in social networking sites like Facebook. People like great content and they will take the time to read it if it peeks their interests. Try to write articles that include lists, like "Top 10..." or "7 Reasons Why..."

7. Give Away Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff and your social networking friends will really love you for it! Give them a free ebook, or maybe an article you found online. It doesn't have to be big. Anything that is helpful and related to your niche will be greatly appreciated by your friends.
These are just 7 of the many ways that you can capitalize on the social networking craze. Read on for more

How To Get More Viewers on your Youtube Videos

Content is King
Remember that Content is King.  These tactics will help get people to your videos but to keep their attention and get them to take action,  make sure you are creating and sharing GREAT CONTENT in your videos!

Here are the 19 Secrets
1.      Title: Create a Great Title and Use Keywords
2.      Description: Optimize your Description with Keywords and Links
3.      Tags: Optimize your Tags with Keywords 
4.      Thumbnail: Upload an Awesome Thumbnail  
5.      Ranking Factor: Incoming Links
6.      Ranking Factor: Time Watched
7.      Ranking Factor: Video Views
8.      Ranking Factor:  Likes and Dislikes
9.      Ranking Factor: Video Embeds
10.  Ranking Factor: Video Shares
11.  Ranking Factor: Playlists Your Video is Added To
12.  Ranking Factor: Subscribers
13.  Ranking Factor:  Video Responses
14.  Encourage Comments
15.  Category Choice
16.  Transcribing Your Video for Higher Rank
17.  Post Frequently
18.  Using Related Videos to Your Advantage
19.  Hustle!

Keep reading for tips and tricks for every step! 

1. Title: Create a Great Title and Use Keywords
        Create a great Title that is; Clear, Provocative, Attention Getting and/or Interesting.  Your goal is to make it irresistible so that I click on it and watch the video!
        Write it like a Headline. TIP: Get ideas of how to write great headlines looking at what is  popular on,,
        Use your primary and secondary keyword phrases, as many as possible in the title.
        Remember, don’t “spam” by using unrelated keywords.  If your content has nothing to do with Justin Beiber or someone popular in your niche, don’t use  their name for more traffic.
NOTE: Your “Keywords” are the words you want your video to rank for when people search for it. Learn more here:

2. Description: Optimize your Description with Keywords and Links

        Include as much quality content in the Video Description and try to incorporate every single primary, secondary and related keyword phrase that you can.
        There are 5,000 characters allowed.  The words your say in your video are not searchable but the content in your description is.  Take full advantage of it! 
        Include Relevant Links:  Include links to your website and social channels. 
  KEY: Make sure to include http:// in front of the link to make it "clickable" in the YouTube description.

3. Tags: Optimize your Tags with Keywords 

        Include keywords and keyword phrases in the YouTube tags.  
                        Key Question: What keywords and phrases do you want to be discovered for?   
        Use Commas to separate your keywords and phrases.
  Example: How To Get More YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Tips, Video Influencers, Benji Travis, Sean Cannell, etc.

4. Thumbnail: Make it Awesome! 
        A good thumbnail is one of the most important keys to getting people to click on your video and watch it!
        Plan your thumbnail out ahead of time and take a good picture to use for your thumbnail.
        Add simple and easy to read text with Photoshop (or this free web based  program called
        Good thumbnails are: bright, proactive, clear, interesting, shocking, and/or fun.


5. Ranking Factor: Incoming Links

        What are incoming links? Incoming links include links from articles, blog posts, and websites.
        Social Media incoming links.  Incoming links can also come from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
        Incoming links help your video rank higher on YouTube and Google Search.
        KEY: Post links to your videos on your website & blog and share them on social media sites.

6. Ranking Factor: Time Watched

        Remember that Content is King!   
        One of the newer ranking factors YouTube is measuring is "Audience Attention."  Therefore you don't just want views on your videos, but you want people to watch as long as possible.
        KEY: Therefore your content needs to be engaging to hold your audience's attention.
        TIP: In your YouTube Account, go to your Analytics and study your "Audience Retention."  This will give you clues about where your audience is "dropping off and leaving your videos."

7. Ranking Factor: Video Views

The total number of views helps determine your search rank. Here are a few tips to get more views:
a.       Share your videos on your social media channels.
b.       Send an email to your list letting them know about the video.
c.       Have friends and influencers share your video.
d.       Buy Facebook, Google Adsense or other Pay Per Click Ads that link to your video.
e.       Apply all the strategies in this checklist for maximum organic search traffic.
f.        Use Annotations to link to your other videos and related videos to keep people watching your content. 

BONUS: Linking to other YouTube videos in your annotations will increase your ranking as well! 

8. Ranking Factor:  Likes and Dislikes and Favorites

The total number likes and dislikes help determine your search rank. They tell YouTube that people are watching and interacting with your content.  Here are a few tips to get more video likes:
(a)    Ask People to link your video verbally or with YouTube annotations.
(b)    Include a call to, "Like, Comment, Subscribe and Favorite," in your intro or outro.
(c)     Remind them to LIKE your video when your share it on social site or in email.

9. Ranking Factor: Video Embeds

When your video is embedded on a website or blog, it helps determine your search rank.  Here are some tips:
(a)    Embed your video on you website.
(b)    Embed your video in one of your blog posts.
(c)     Do a press release and embed your video within it.

10. Ranking Factor: Video Shares

 When viewers click the "share button" and share your video with others, it helps determine your search rank.  Here are some tips for getting viewers to share your video:
a)       Ask people to share your video verbally or with YouTube annotations.
b)      Include a call to, "Share Your Video" in your intro or outro.
c)       Remind them to SHARE your video with their friends when your share it on social sites or in email.
d)      Share your own video with the share buttons! 

11. Ranking Factor: Playlists Your Video is Added To

One of the ranking factors that helps your videos is when they are added to "playlists." Here are some tips for getting your videos added to playlists:
(a)    Create your Own.  Creatively organize and group your videos into different playlists that have titles and descriptions optimized with keywords.
(b)    Ask your viewers to create their own playlists.

12. Ranking Factor: Subscribers

One of the ranking factors that helps your videos rank higher is the total number of subscribers you have on your YouTube Channel.  Here are some tips for getting more subscribers:
(a)    Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.  
(b)    Use intros, outros, channels design, and annotations to ask your viewers to subscribe.
(c)     Collaborate with others to "cross-promote" each other's channels.

13. Ranking Factor:  Video Responses

One of the ranking factors that helps your videos rank higher is video responses.  Here are some tips for generating video responses:
(a)    Ask your viewers to respond to a question in the comments or with a video response.
(b)    Think of a creative way to engage viewers to participate with your content with video responses.

14. Encourage Comments and Respond to Comments

YouTube loves interaction and audience engagement.  The more comments you can generate from your viewers the better!  Here are some tips for getting more comments:
(a)    End your video with a question and ask your viewers to respond below.
(b)    Get feedback. Ask your viewers what kind of videos they would like you to create.
(c)     Add a call to action for commenting in your intro or outro.
(d)    Run a contest and require viewers to, "comment, like and favorite," the video to be entered.  NOTE: Seek legal advice before running any contests
(e)    When people comment, respond.  Your responses are counted as well!

BONUS: Comment and Engage on other people’s videos - do it a natural and organic way and don’t spam other channels.

15. Category Choice

        Choose a category that applies to your video but try to choose one that has less competition.  
        Experiment with different relevant categories for your videos.

16. Transcribing Your Video for Higher Rank

        Search engines cannot tell what you are saying in your videos.  However they will read a video that has been transcribed.
        Here is an article for how to transcribe your videos:
        Different Languages.  Extend your reach by transcribing your video into different languages.

17. Posting Frequently will Increase Your Ranking

        In the YouTube Creator Playbook, they state that they favor channels that post regularly.
        TIP: The take-away is:  Post Videos Often!

18. Use Related Videos to Your Advantage

        What videos, YouTubers, Brands or Personalities would you want to be associated with?  One huge way to get traffic on YouTube is by showing up in the "related videos."
        Create videos with similar titles and keywords to the videos you want to be associated with.
        Quote the person or brand and use their name in the title and keywords.
        Consider interviewing them or collaborating with them to increase the association in YouTube's eyes. 

19. Hustle! 
Building your brand online is HARD WORK. So don’t get discouraged if you are not seeing huge results right away! Stay positive and keep hustling. Here are some final thoughts and questions to ask after you have posted a video:
o How can I creatively promote this video on my other social networks? o Who can I reach out to, to help me promote this video? o What blogs could I submit this video to that might post it? o How can I make my future videos more attention grabbing? o How can I make my future videos more professional? o Study your YouTube analytics to evaluate your channel and make necessary adjustments  o Never stop LEARNING and never stop HUSTLING!

How To Make Automated Passive Income With Your Computer While you sleep

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