Friday, November 9, 2018

How to get more Followers on Instagram

Basically your home page of Instagram where some important information is stored.
Followership: This shows you the number of profiles you follow
(following) and the number of profiles that follow you (followers). When people refer to your ratio, they are referring to the ratio of how many followers you have compared to how many people you are following.
Link: In your profile you can also put 1 outbound link which takes the user to that link and outside of Instagram. This is good for driving people to event pages, websites etc. It should be changed frequently as you get only 1 custom outbound link.
Business Account: It’s a good idea to make a business account if you are running a business. It must be linked to a Facebook business page to do this. Business accounts give you a “call, email, directions” calls to action as well which are tracked through Instagram Insights (basically the graph icon gives you analytics regarding traffic, impressions, follower locations and times etc.) 

Define Engagement Rate: Engagement is a number that indicates how many times your content has been engaged with. Likes, shares and comments are considered an engagement. Engagement rate is the amount of engagement you have compared to how many followers you have. A higher engagement rate indicates a more engaging and targeted audience.
Edge Rank?: When content is posted, Instagram decides automatically which percentage and which followers are most likely to engage with your content. If you have a limited amount of engagements within a certain amount of time after launching your post, Instagram will start to de-prioritize your post, and show it to less of your followers. They basically rank the importance of your post based on the amount of likes and comments it gets in a specified amount of time 

Direct Messaging: It is possible on Instagram to direct message people, businesses and profiles, so long as they have not altered their default settings which allow messaging and read receipts.
Direct messaging is effective for reaching potential new clients, influencers and hard to reach people. As a form of communication, it is highly undersaturated compared to how often Instagram is used. That’s why it works so well. Unlike email and Facebook messenger, it is underutilized.

The time you decide to post an image or video will affect how “well” your post will do in terms of engagement. It is important to post when your followers are using the app, but there is less posting going on (less competition). Some of the most successful times we’ve had are late evening on weekdays but it does vary based on the demographics of your target market.

Instagram is a unique and fun platform because it’s very easy to explore on the app, finding news businesses and people that are of interest to you. To find targeted content, it is easy to search posts that were given a specific hashtag. Basically a spaceless word preceded by a # (pound) sign. By engaging on public posts and commenting legitimately, you can gain new followers and learn more about what’s going on in your community.
Instagram has various in app photo editing tools such as cropping, tripping, clipping etc. One of the most famous features is there filter options. You can automatically apply present photo filters to photos to enhance their appearance. There are also custom saturation and contrast options too. Filters aren’t necessary but when they make the photo look better they should be used.

This is a social media platform where you interact with people. You should treat these interactions as if they are real life human interactions. Social media is a two way street. Comment meaningfully, remember to respond to legit comments and don’t use automation programs. You wouldn’t use them in face to face, why should you on social media? The importance is an engaging audience, not just numbers. When meeting people in person, it’s very unassuming and simple to follow them directly on Instagram. It’s an excellent form of the new way to “exchange business cards” or “contact info.”
There is a digital way to mention others on Instagram, and this is common courtesy and etiquette to do when someone, or a place of business has contributed to that piece of content. For example, if you take an instagram photo at a nice restaurant or one of their signature dishes, you should mention using their instagram handle (@____). This gives people the option to click their handle in your caption so it takes them to their profile and also notifies them you posted about them. This can result in freebies from the business or reposting which will get you more followers. You can also tag them or people in the photo so that it shows up on their profile under tagged photos since they are somewhere or have something to do with the photo. Don’t over tag people, or tag people/businesses who aren’t in or had nothing to do with the photo, it is spammy.
Hashtags are great way to promote your content to people exploring posts and profiles for free. Unlike other social media where it is difficult or expensive to get outside your network, with Instagram it’s relatively easy. It is more possible to meet and discover new people and profiles on Instagram and then become friends with them, versus the other way around (friends first, then exchange social media handles). You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, the format for example is as follows: #calgary #yyc #yycfitfam #yycdogs. That counts as 4 hashtags. It is important to use local and common hashtags. When typing a hashtag, Instagram will start auto populating the amount of posts associated with that hashtag so you can choose either broad or targeted hashtags, or a combination of both.
Since for some reason, people think hashtags “look ugly” it is important to hide them when you post. This can be done by filling in placeholder text in the form of “dots” or periods, as displayed below. After writing your caption just say in your head and type on your keyboard. “Enter, period, enter, period, enter, period, enter, write hashtags”
Example: Caption goes here where you talk about the post.
.#hashtagheaven #herewego #yes #amenforhiddenhashtags

You can also post, and then add the #hashtags you want by commenting on your post, but this “looks” spammy and the slight lag from posting to posting comments can create enough a delay that it reduces your edgerank.
If you want to build followership, a good technique is to follow people you think that would be interested in following you. One of the easiest ways to find these people, is to look at, and follow your competitors followers. It is also important, that if someone mentions you in a post, that you follow them, and for those that like your posts or comment on your post it is polite to follow back. It is okay to avoid following people you believe are spam accounts, robots, or using Instagress. This way you avoid following junky, useless accounts. For example, if someone from San Diego or Santiago likes my post, it may not do much good to follow them. They likely won't be a client. But if a young entrepreneur likes a  post and they are located in Calgary, that’s a great follow.
Note: You can follow roughly 7000 people on Instagram, make them count!
Since it is not currently being used extensively for business development (compared to LinkedIn or Facebook),

Instagram is a very useful tool to become the big fish in a small pond. Having access to people’s profile lets you understand who you reaching out to so you can tailor your introduction message accordingly. Most people don’t even get 1/10th of the direct messages per day on Instagram that they do in their email account, yet they spend plenty of time daily on the Instagram application.

Instagram stories are a unique feature that was added to compete with Snapchat. It allows users to post 10 second snippets, either video or photos, that we’re taken on their phone within the last 24 hours. The objective of stories is to show a “day in the life” or your profile. You can also use stories to display animated videos to your followers as a way to promote your brand. For users that have over 10,000 followers and are a business account, they are able to add links in their stories, so people can be directed away from the app to a specific call to action. For those that have less than 10,000 followers, viewers can only direct message you to respond to your story. Currently over 250 million Instagram users use stories daily.

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