Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How To Get More Viewers on your Youtube Videos

Content is King
Remember that Content is King.  These tactics will help get people to your videos but to keep their attention and get them to take action,  make sure you are creating and sharing GREAT CONTENT in your videos!

Here are the 19 Secrets
1.      Title: Create a Great Title and Use Keywords
2.      Description: Optimize your Description with Keywords and Links
3.      Tags: Optimize your Tags with Keywords 
4.      Thumbnail: Upload an Awesome Thumbnail  
5.      Ranking Factor: Incoming Links
6.      Ranking Factor: Time Watched
7.      Ranking Factor: Video Views
8.      Ranking Factor:  Likes and Dislikes
9.      Ranking Factor: Video Embeds
10.  Ranking Factor: Video Shares
11.  Ranking Factor: Playlists Your Video is Added To
12.  Ranking Factor: Subscribers
13.  Ranking Factor:  Video Responses
14.  Encourage Comments
15.  Category Choice
16.  Transcribing Your Video for Higher Rank
17.  Post Frequently
18.  Using Related Videos to Your Advantage
19.  Hustle!

Keep reading for tips and tricks for every step! 

1. Title: Create a Great Title and Use Keywords
        Create a great Title that is; Clear, Provocative, Attention Getting and/or Interesting.  Your goal is to make it irresistible so that I click on it and watch the video!
        Write it like a Headline. TIP: Get ideas of how to write great headlines looking at what is  popular on http://digg.com/, http://popurls.com/, http://www.nytimes.com/most-popular
        Use your primary and secondary keyword phrases, as many as possible in the title.
        Remember, don’t “spam” by using unrelated keywords.  If your content has nothing to do with Justin Beiber or someone popular in your niche, don’t use  their name for more traffic.
NOTE: Your “Keywords” are the words you want your video to rank for when people search for it. Learn more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyword_research

2. Description: Optimize your Description with Keywords and Links

        Include as much quality content in the Video Description and try to incorporate every single primary, secondary and related keyword phrase that you can.
        There are 5,000 characters allowed.  The words your say in your video are not searchable but the content in your description is.  Take full advantage of it! 
        Include Relevant Links:  Include links to your website and social channels. 
  KEY: Make sure to include http:// in front of the link to make it "clickable" in the YouTube description.

3. Tags: Optimize your Tags with Keywords 

        Include keywords and keyword phrases in the YouTube tags.  
                        Key Question: What keywords and phrases do you want to be discovered for?   
        Use Commas to separate your keywords and phrases.
  Example: How To Get More YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Tips, Video Influencers, Benji Travis, Sean Cannell, etc.

4. Thumbnail: Make it Awesome! 
        A good thumbnail is one of the most important keys to getting people to click on your video and watch it!
        Plan your thumbnail out ahead of time and take a good picture to use for your thumbnail.
        Add simple and easy to read text with Photoshop (or this free web based  program called picmonkey.com)
        Good thumbnails are: bright, proactive, clear, interesting, shocking, and/or fun.


5. Ranking Factor: Incoming Links

        What are incoming links? Incoming links include links from articles, blog posts, and websites.
        Social Media incoming links.  Incoming links can also come from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
        Incoming links help your video rank higher on YouTube and Google Search.
        KEY: Post links to your videos on your website & blog and share them on social media sites.

6. Ranking Factor: Time Watched

        Remember that Content is King!   
        One of the newer ranking factors YouTube is measuring is "Audience Attention."  Therefore you don't just want views on your videos, but you want people to watch as long as possible.
        KEY: Therefore your content needs to be engaging to hold your audience's attention.
        TIP: In your YouTube Account, go to your Analytics and study your "Audience Retention."  This will give you clues about where your audience is "dropping off and leaving your videos."

7. Ranking Factor: Video Views

The total number of views helps determine your search rank. Here are a few tips to get more views:
a.       Share your videos on your social media channels.
b.       Send an email to your list letting them know about the video.
c.       Have friends and influencers share your video.
d.       Buy Facebook, Google Adsense or other Pay Per Click Ads that link to your video.
e.       Apply all the strategies in this checklist for maximum organic search traffic.
f.        Use Annotations to link to your other videos and related videos to keep people watching your content. 

BONUS: Linking to other YouTube videos in your annotations will increase your ranking as well! 

8. Ranking Factor:  Likes and Dislikes and Favorites

The total number likes and dislikes help determine your search rank. They tell YouTube that people are watching and interacting with your content.  Here are a few tips to get more video likes:
(a)    Ask People to link your video verbally or with YouTube annotations.
(b)    Include a call to, "Like, Comment, Subscribe and Favorite," in your intro or outro.
(c)     Remind them to LIKE your video when your share it on social site or in email.

9. Ranking Factor: Video Embeds

When your video is embedded on a website or blog, it helps determine your search rank.  Here are some tips:
(a)    Embed your video on you website.
(b)    Embed your video in one of your blog posts.
(c)     Do a press release and embed your video within it.

10. Ranking Factor: Video Shares

 When viewers click the "share button" and share your video with others, it helps determine your search rank.  Here are some tips for getting viewers to share your video:
a)       Ask people to share your video verbally or with YouTube annotations.
b)      Include a call to, "Share Your Video" in your intro or outro.
c)       Remind them to SHARE your video with their friends when your share it on social sites or in email.
d)      Share your own video with the share buttons! 

11. Ranking Factor: Playlists Your Video is Added To

One of the ranking factors that helps your videos is when they are added to "playlists." Here are some tips for getting your videos added to playlists:
(a)    Create your Own.  Creatively organize and group your videos into different playlists that have titles and descriptions optimized with keywords.
(b)    Ask your viewers to create their own playlists.

12. Ranking Factor: Subscribers

One of the ranking factors that helps your videos rank higher is the total number of subscribers you have on your YouTube Channel.  Here are some tips for getting more subscribers:
(a)    Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.  
(b)    Use intros, outros, channels design, and annotations to ask your viewers to subscribe.
(c)     Collaborate with others to "cross-promote" each other's channels.

13. Ranking Factor:  Video Responses

One of the ranking factors that helps your videos rank higher is video responses.  Here are some tips for generating video responses:
(a)    Ask your viewers to respond to a question in the comments or with a video response.
(b)    Think of a creative way to engage viewers to participate with your content with video responses.

14. Encourage Comments and Respond to Comments

YouTube loves interaction and audience engagement.  The more comments you can generate from your viewers the better!  Here are some tips for getting more comments:
(a)    End your video with a question and ask your viewers to respond below.
(b)    Get feedback. Ask your viewers what kind of videos they would like you to create.
(c)     Add a call to action for commenting in your intro or outro.
(d)    Run a contest and require viewers to, "comment, like and favorite," the video to be entered.  NOTE: Seek legal advice before running any contests
(e)    When people comment, respond.  Your responses are counted as well!

BONUS: Comment and Engage on other people’s videos - do it a natural and organic way and don’t spam other channels.

15. Category Choice

        Choose a category that applies to your video but try to choose one that has less competition.  
        Experiment with different relevant categories for your videos.

16. Transcribing Your Video for Higher Rank

        Search engines cannot tell what you are saying in your videos.  However they will read a video that has been transcribed.
        Here is an article for how to transcribe your videos:
        Different Languages.  Extend your reach by transcribing your video into different languages.

17. Posting Frequently will Increase Your Ranking

        In the YouTube Creator Playbook, they state that they favor channels that post regularly.
        TIP: The take-away is:  Post Videos Often!

18. Use Related Videos to Your Advantage

        What videos, YouTubers, Brands or Personalities would you want to be associated with?  One huge way to get traffic on YouTube is by showing up in the "related videos."
        Create videos with similar titles and keywords to the videos you want to be associated with.
        Quote the person or brand and use their name in the title and keywords.
        Consider interviewing them or collaborating with them to increase the association in YouTube's eyes. 

19. Hustle! 
Building your brand online is HARD WORK. So don’t get discouraged if you are not seeing huge results right away! Stay positive and keep hustling. Here are some final thoughts and questions to ask after you have posted a video:
o How can I creatively promote this video on my other social networks? o Who can I reach out to, to help me promote this video? o What blogs could I submit this video to that might post it? o How can I make my future videos more attention grabbing? o How can I make my future videos more professional? o Study your YouTube analytics to evaluate your channel and make necessary adjustments  o Never stop LEARNING and never stop HUSTLING!


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